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Dog bed dog sleeping bag

Dog bed dog sleeping bag

Dog bed dog sleeping bag    Dog bed dog sleeping bag
Our fiou star royal cord blue deluxe cuddly cave. Our darlings spend most of their time in their dog bed and want it to be soft and cozy there. You can really bury yourself in our cuddly caves and design your dog bed as you need it. The cuddly caves give the four-legged friends the opportunity to be completely covered or to make themselves comfortable outdoors. Our soft furs (of course faux fur) are so cuddly and of a fantastic exclusive quality. It looks so real and luxurious that it can hardly be distinguished from an original fur. The stable exclusive cord fabric is otherwise used for high-quality furniture and upholstery processing.

The cuddly caves are made like a bag with a floor, on the whole they are lined to get an even softer result. They are also ideal for on the go, simply roll up or use the upper edge to carry.

The outer cover of the dog bed is made of a cotton / polyester mixture, the fur is made of a polyester mixture. Lined with volume fleece (eco 100). Washable at 30 degrees, very low spin speed. Xs: 60 cm above, 45 cm below (actually as wide as above when it's on the floor), height 45 cm.

S: 70 cm above, 55 cm below, height 50 cm, diameter approx 50 cm. M: 80 cm above, 65 cm below, height 55 cm, diameter approx 60 cm. L: 90 cm above, 75 cm below, height 60 cm, diameter approx 70 cm. Xl: 100 cm above, 85 cm below, height 65 cm, diameter approx 80 cm.

Xxl: 110 cm above, 95 cm below, heights 70 cm, diameter approx 90 cm. Xxxl: 120 cm above, 95 cm below, height 75 cm, diameter approx 100 cm. (the dimensions can differ a few cm, handcraft). Which size for which breed (it still depends on the weight of the four-legged friend, the following are only recommendations from us).

Dachshunds, yorkshire terriers, chihuahuas, all small minis, small cats xs-s. Italian greyhound, jack russel, chinese crested dog, bolonka zwetna, . All smaller dogs, poodles, cats s- m. Shelti, french bulldog, cats and all medium dogs m. Whippet, podenco, at shoulder height approx.

Up to 50 cm l. Viszla, whippet, bull terrier and larger dogs (with shoulder height from 50 cm) xl.

Saluki and other larger dogs xxl. Borzoi and other very large dogs xxxl. All items are made with a lot of love in our filousion's workshop. We want to give the same amount of time and love to each item, so if the order level is high, waiting times may be a few days longer. If the dog bed should arrive on a certain date, we will be happy to inform us when you order, so that we can meet the requested time.

This item is made of baumwolle and kunsfell.

Dog bed dog sleeping bag    Dog bed dog sleeping bag