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IN-STOCK Rustic Dog Beds

IN-STOCK Rustic Dog Beds
IN-STOCK Rustic Dog Beds
IN-STOCK Rustic Dog Beds

IN-STOCK Rustic Dog Beds    IN-STOCK Rustic Dog Beds

30" medium 31.25"lx20.5"wx9"h (fits one dog 26-40 lbs). 24" small 25.5"lx18.25"wx9"h (fits one dog up to 25 lbs). 36" large 37.5"lx25.25"wx9"h (fits one dog 41-70 lbs). 42" xl 43.5"lx28.9"wx9"h (fits one dog 71-90 lbs). 48" xxl 49.5"lx31.5"wx9"h (fits one dog 90+ lbs).

54" colossal 55"lx37"wx9"h (giant breeds). Message us for custom quotes. Dog lady dens designs and handcrafts unique rustic furniture with the highest regard for craftsmanship and dedication to effortless functionality.

Our design style is vintage wood with a modern twist that pairs beautifully with any home decor. Each den features a unique rustic color scheme, premium stylized hardware, and a matte finish. Our client waitlist is currently 16-18 weeks for completion from the time you place your order. Dog lady dens & designs, llc.

Choose one color for the entire kennel, or customize the top, base, and flooring. Paints: white, antique white, black. Stains: ebony, dark walnut, graphite, classic grey, and natural wood. Finishes: minimal distressing, heavy distressing, glazed (white/antique paints only), two-tone distressing available by request. 24 small: 26lx19wx26.5h (fits one dog up to 25 lbs).

30 medium: 31.75lx21wx26.5h (fits one dog 26-40 lbs). 36 large: 38lx25.75wx31.5h (fits one dog 41-70 lbs). 42 xl: 44lx30wx31.5h (fits one dog 71-90 lbs). 48 xxl: 50lx32wx36.5h (fits one dog 90+ lbs).

54 colossal: 55.5lx32.5wx41.5h (giant breeds). Standard door placement for single dens is on the right, unless requested otherwise.

4' small: 50.5lx19wx26.5h (fits two dogs up to 25 lbs). 5' medium: 62lx21wx26.5h (fits two dogs 26-40 lbs). 6' large: 74.5lx25.75wx30.5h (fits two dogs 41-70 lbs). 7' xl: 86.5lx30wx31.5h (fits two dogs 71-90 lbs). 8' xxl: 98.5lx32wx36.5h (fits two dogs 90+ lbs).

9' colossal: 109.5"lx32.5"wx41.5h (giant breeds). Double dens include a removable center divider, available in a classic or adjustable model.

Small triple den - 53.5"lx26"wx26.5h. Small triple den - 76"lx19.25"wx26.5h. Medium triple den - 93.25"lx20"wx26.5h. Xl(1)/small(2) combo - 94"lx30"wx31.5h. Medium(2)/large(1) combo - 99.5lx25.75wx31.5h. Xl(1)/medium(2) combo - 105.5"lx30"wx31.5h. Xl(1)/large(1)/medium(1) combo - 110.25"lx30"wx31.5h. Large triple den - 112"lx26.25"wx31.5h. Colossal(1)/medium(2) combo - 109.5"lx32.5"wx41.5h. Triple dens include two removable center dividers. Small quad den - 71.75"lx26.5"wx26.5h. Small quad den - 98.75"lx19"wx26.5h. Quad dens include three center dividers.

Barn doors, add 1 w. Storage drawers/shelf, add 7 h. Important: all users must read these terms. Please carefully read dog lady dens & designs, llc "terms of use" before shopping and/or purchasing from our shop. By purchasing from dog lady dens & designs, llc, you acknowledge that you have read, understand, and agree to the legally binding contract of all the terms set forth in our "terms of use".

Our dens are handcrafted with care and attention to detail. All handmade items are constructed using vintage style wood and will contain visible variations to include knots, grains, or rustic imperfections that make each den order unique. We work to enhance the natural beauty of the wood when creating your custom order. Color schemes will contain visible variations in tone due to different grains and textures of the natural wood.

All orders are finished with a matte waterproof/scratch resistant topcoat to help protect your den against accidents and scratches. We also recommend lining your den with pet beds or standard crate pans.

Check out the faq page for interior sizing information. If you are concerned with your pup chewing on their new den, we suggest purchasing our interior chew guards and/or spraying your den with a no chew dog spray such as apple cider vinegar to help deter them from chewing the wood. Dog lady dens & designs, llc is not liable if your dog chews their den. Updates to an order, such as color changes, may be requested but are not guaranteed.

Low-profile locking casters included on larger models. Plan to have at least one-person home to help you as most orders are very heavy. The best place to carry your new den is going to be on the underside of the sides where the rebar meets the wood, or from the bottom of the den.

Do not lift/carry your den by the top or rebar. Do not drag crate across the floor. All dog lady dens & designs, llc orders are final sale. If you believe you have received a defective/damaged item or incorrect order, you must contact dog lady dens & designs, llc within 24 hours of receipt along with a photo of the defect or damages.
IN-STOCK Rustic Dog Beds    IN-STOCK Rustic Dog Beds